Language of labels in visualization

Hi community,
I have an ontology with several labels per concept.
Originally, each one has a skos:prefLabel in English and possibly further ones in other languages,
as well as possibly skos:altLabel in various languages.

From this topic from 2017, I take that the visualization tools in Stardog (Explorer, Designer, visualization from Studio) can't cope with those and thus only show the IRI.
If that has changed in the meantime, please let me know :slight_smile:

Until then, my plan is to simply replace the skos:prefLabel by rdfs:label.
However, this still leaves more than one label per concept in case of multiple languages.

In the visualization, it seems to reliably pick the label with the @en language key.
Is there a setting where I can choose which language will be taken primarily?
And is the fallback language now working? (and where can I choose that one in turn?)

Thank you!