Show SKOS prefLabel in browsing

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I’m working with extensive SKOS vocabularies, which use ID numbering in URI’s. When browing the skos concepts, the number shows, which does not tell much (only by clicking on it, the preflabel is displayed). Is there a way to display the preflabel directly when brosing?

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I’ll start by saying that the Stardog web console doesn’t support that. I believe their may be a way to do that but I’d like to check with the Stardog people before suggesting it because it would require some mucking about with Stardog that might not be ok because it’s a bit hackish.


Zach is correct, in that the web console doesn’t directly support this. It is hard-coded to display rdfs:label if one exists, or the end of the URI if it doesn’t. One possible way to work around this would be to run the following insert query:

INSERT {?s rdfs:label ?label} WHERE {?s skos:prefLabel ?label}

This, while inserting a bunch of otherwise needless triples, will give you the desired behavior.

Thanks for the clarification of how the labels are treated, and the workaround suggestions!

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