Mailing List Mode for daily updates might not be working correctly

(Ian Roberts) #1

Hi there, I’m enjoying the new digs here so far, but I’m getting a lot of e-mail from the site now. I originally had it set to “When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary” but I was getting e-mail from each post. Today I changed it to “Enable mailing list mode” set to “Send daily updates” but I’m still getting an e-mail for each post. Please let me know if I’ve got some other setting that is overriding this feature. Thanks!

(Kendall Clark) #2

Thanks Ian, for the report. We are new here too and will try to figure it out.

(Kendall Clark) #3

On the admin side, all the relevant settings are enabled; admin can disable mailing list mode or set its default frequency, but we haven’t chosen either of those. Can you ping me in a day or two with a status? Maybe it’s lag. My next step is to google for something and we both know what a joy that can be. :slight_smile:

(Ian Roberts) #4

I think it’s better. I got a few single messages early this morning and then the wrap-up message tonight. I’ll report back as the forum gets used more frequently. Thanks for looking into it.

(Kendall Clark) #5

Thanks for contributing here, Ian. Lemme know! :grinning:

(Kendall Clark) #6