Verification of mail address

To start exploring Stardog, I want to start using Stardog Cloud Free. I signed up and expected to receive a mail to verify my mail address. However, I did not receive any mail.
Did I do anything wrong? Is there any way to receive te verification mail?

Hi Rene-Michel,

Your email is marked as verified on our end so you should be good to login now.


Hi Clark,

That works! Thanks!
Now all I need to do is to wait untill it is not that busy anymore :joy:

Best regards,


Hi Rene-Michel,

I believe we have just fixed that issue, can you try again?


I'm in :heart_eyes:
Now the learning and experimenting can begin, thanks!

Great. Have you checked out the tutorials here:

And we have some videos at Stardog Academy.

I'm having the same issue - could someone mark me as verified? I received the email to verify for the community, just not for Stardog itself.