Namespaces in templates for SMS2

Maybe I was not doing it right but it seems we can't use the prefix in templates. I'm currently doing

BIND(template("{CUI}") AS ?umls_uri)

where I would rather do

BIND(template("umls:{CUI}") AS ?umls_uri)

and define the prefix for UMLS in the database list of prefixes

Is that possible already with maybe a different syntax? If not I think that would be a great feature :wink:

On a related note, I also noticed that doing

BIND(template("CUI_URI") AS ?umls_uri)

to just cast a full URI present in the data source as is into a IRI for the mappings doesn't work at intended :-/ (even if the setting to percent encode the IRI is off) Stardog automatically adds an extra http:// prefix to the existing one. To go around that I had to remove http using the SQL query to let Stardog add it back... (but I then only kept the CUI in the source data to get to the above code :wink: )

Hi Christophe,

We're aware of the convenience factor here and plan to implement this soon. The internal issue key is PLAT-3056. Please keep an eye out for in the upcoming release notes. If you have a support contract, your CSM can help to prioritize this request.


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