Using "tag:stardog:" instead of URI naming, can we change to URI usage all over?


Stardog has chosen to use the URN type of naming in prefixes used. Why is that?
Example from a model made in designer. exported as .ttl
tag:stardog:designer:FRbaseMod:model:Agreement a owl:Class ;
rdfs:label "Agreement" ;
rdfs:comment "Dimension for keeping agreement specific data" ;
tag:stardog:designer:colorId "sd-qb-red" .
Can we change to using URI naming?
Is there any place in Stardog that must have URN type naming? That prohibit use of URI naming?



Einar Clementz.

Hi Einar,

you can change the default URIs in the project Settings tab (in the upper right corner) in Designer. You can set custom URI prefixes with the "Customize advanced project details" option. See the following example:

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards

Hi Lars.

I know we could change with this functionality.
I put forward the question in case we would encounter any issues some place in Stardog. I assume not. We go forward with URI prefix. Good, thanks.



Additional Question.

I remember from earlier posts, changing the prefix only have effect on new item in the project, not ones that is already created with the previous prefix.

Is there a practical method to change prefix all item in project?

Thanks. Einar

Hi Einar,

At this time, Designer does not support a find and replace functionality for IRIs.

I would suggest one of two paths:

(Option 1) In your Designer project for each IRI you want to edit, open the details panel and edit the IRI by hand.

(Option 2) If that's not possible due to the size of your data model, I would suggest editing the .ttl file outside of Stardog using a text editor which allows find and replace, importing to Stardog, and then importing the data model to a new Designer project to continue working.


I believe you have a third option of enabling reasoning and defining an owl:equivalentClass for tag:stardog:api:ecom:Vendor

You can also run a SPARQL update query to change any data with the previous prefix.