Not able to traverse through a stardog graph loaded in gremlin server


I’ve followed the instruction give in and got the final message

[INFO] Graphs - Graph [graph] was successfully configured via [conf/].

I am trying to access this graph from gremlin console and connection seems to be happening as well. I’ve used following command for the connection.

gremlin> :remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote.yaml
==>Connected - localhost/

After this, I ran following to check if everything is fine:

gremlin> :> g
==>graphtraversalsource[stardoggraph[tag:stardog:api:graph:default], standard]
gremlin> :> graph

So far so good.
Now I tried see the graph contents by commands like:

:> g.V() or

but it does not return anything.

Am I doing something wrong or missing anything?


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