Provision to pass user details to backend database from Stardog

Hi Team,

Requesting for a clarification in enterprise use case

Consider a scenario that we have a virtual graph that has a backend data source enabled to be accessed with Personal access tokens or username/password.

What are the possibilities to pass the user data ( credentials / token ) to the backend while accessing the virtual graphs ?

is there any options to pass the user credentials (that is used to login to the Stardog studio) to the backend while querying the virtual graph?

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Hi Muthu,

This depends on the type of data source you are hoping to use. For example, this docs page shows how to do this with a JDBC compatible source. Can you let me know what type of database you are trying to authenticate with (assuming it's not JDBC and that page doesn't answer your question)?


Hi @ClarkFarley ,

Thanks for your response.

It's a PostgreSQL DB, and JDBC authentication is the one option.

But considering the end-usage scenario, that involves lot of users which will lead to the configuration of multiple virtual graphs (each virtual graph for each team/project)- to avoid this, is there any way to to pass the stardog studio authentication details (username and password) to get appended to the JDBC connection ?

is there any support other than jdbc authentication in enterprise edition of stardog ?

Hi Muthu,

So are you asking if it's possible to have Stardog connect to your postgres DB using each individual's credentials when they make a query to that database?