Release of stardog archetypes package

As promised I finished putting together the archetypes plugin

It can be found at

and includes the following archetypes. It's a somewhat random collection of popular ontologies. Please let me know if there are any additions anyone would like to see made and I would be happy to include them.

cc         creative commons licenses
dbo        dbpedia ontology
dcat       data catalog
dcterms    dublin core terms
dctype     dublijn core types
doap       description of a project
foaf       friend of a friend
geo        geosparql
gn         geonames
gr         greatrelations
ma         media ontology
org        organization ontology
qb         data cube
r2rml      RDB to RDF mapping language
rdfa       rdf in attributes
schema ontology
sd         sparql description 
sioc       semantically interlinked online community ontology
skosxl     skos extensions 
vcard      vcard contacts
wgs        w3c simple geo

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