Stardog 7.2.0 Release

We are happy to announce the release of Stardog 7.2.0.

This release fixes a security vulnerability that can lead to potential connection hijacking when Stardog is configured with Kerberos authentication behind a load balancer. If you are using Stardog in this setup we strongly urge you to upgrade to 7.2.0 as soon as possible.

The other notable changes in this release are:

  • Salesforce virtual graph connector: This connector allows you to connect to your Salesforce account as a virtual graph and run SPARQL queries.
  • User-defined archetypes: We have revised the existing database archetype functionality so that new archetypes are easier to create by users via configuration files without any coding. We have created a public GitHub repo to be the central location for Stardog archetypes. Send us pull requests if you would like to add archetypes for the data models and standards you frequently use.
  • CIM archetype: Cloud Information Model (CIM) is an emerging open data standard that connects customer, product, and sales data across applications. We have published a CIM archetype for the current version of the CIM data model that can be used with the Salesforce connector. Stardog is a member of the CIM working group along with Salesforce, AWS and several other industry partners. We will update the CIM archetype as the working group publishes new versions of the CIM data model.

There are several other improvements and bug fixes included in this release. Please see the release notes for details. Let us know if you have questions or comments.