Stardog v7.8.0 Release

I am excited to announce the latest release of Stardog, v7.8.0. Here are some of the highlights of the release. More details of what's in the release, including bug fixes is available by clicking the link to the Release Notes section of the document.

Highlights in this release

Stardog Spark Connector

Now out of beta, capture new insights, faster with highly scalable graph analytics capabilities through the Apache Spark Connector. You can easily run out of the box graph analytics algorithms such as PageRank, Connected Components, Label Propagation, and other custom Stardog jobs using data from your entire knowledge graph. Results are published back to the knowledge graph and can be consumed through any tool that connects to Stardog, including Stardog Explorer or external BI tools such as Tableau.


Leverage the power of Stardog from your preferred tools, including Jupyter notebooks, with Pystardog, our Python API. We know modern data and analytics infrastructure revolves around Python, so we have greatly expanded Pystardog’s capabilities to work with Stardog’s Knowledge Graph platform features. Features implemented include API level access to cluster operations and data source and virtual graph management capabilities.

Stardog Portal

Streamline your access with the new Stardog Portal, your central hub for all things Stardog. Our new Portal application groups Stardog client applications, including Studio and Explorer, together in a common interface.

Security Updates

Protect your sensitive data with less burden on your Stardog administrators. Now you can create multiple groupings of sensitive properties, and then set individual permissions for each grouping. This makes it easier to establish access controls for your PII and other sensitive data that align with your policies for data sharing.

Read the Release Notes