Revision history is lost on backup and restore

Problem description

The revision history is not backed up and restored with the backup and restore commands.
The problem was reproduced with the latest Stardog version (4.2.3).

Problem reproduction

This command line output shows how the problem was reproduced:

> cd /opt/stardog/bin

> ./stardog query stardog /data/
Update query processed successfully in 00:00:00.151.

> ./stardog vcs list stardog
Version:   9c53c9c9-202b-46f4-88fe-0309973a8fd9
Committer: admin
Date:      2017-02-24 10:55:29

Version:   1dc01b46-40ed-4d78-ba7c-54a1fec1bf40
Committer: admin
Date:      2017-02-24 10:52:04

    Database creation

> ./stardog-admin db backup stardog
Backup of stardog saved to /data/.backup/stardog/2017-02-24 in 00:00:00.022

> ./stardog-admin db restore -o /data/.backup/stardog/2017-02-24
Restoring database stardog
Successfully restored database 'stardog' from Backup(/data/.backup/stardog/2017-02-24) in 00:00:00.559.

> ./stardog vcs list stardog
Version:   2d3d89b7-543e-44a3-87ae-65b6cee12f1b
Committer: admin
Date:      2017-02-24 10:52:04

    Database creation

> ./stardog query stardog /data/select.rq
|   s   |   p   |   o   |
| urn:s | urn:p | urn:o |

Query returned 1 results in 00:00:00.082

Required files

Contents of /data/

INSERT DATA {GRAPH <urn:g> {<urn:s> <urn:p> <urn:o>}}

Contents of /data/select.rq

SELECT * FROM <urn:g> {?s ?p ?o}

Hi Ruben,

I am able to reproduce this issue and I’ll be opening an internal ticket to address it. Thanks much for the report, and I’ll update this thread with any new information.