Stardog-admin db backup doesn't backup documents folder

From the help of the stardog-admin db backup command:

Create a complete backup copy of a database. As opposed to export, which
is a logical copy and only provides a snapshot of the contents of the
database, a backup is a physical copy and preserves database metadata in
addition to the contents so an exact copy can be made during a restore.

To me the phrases
a complete backup copy
an exact copy can be made during a restore
implied that the database document storage directory (by default <dbname>/docs) would also be backed up, so it was a little alarming to discover that it isn’t. It’d be great if it were, or at least the phrasing of the backup help updated to include the caveat that documents are not backed up.

Hi Conrad,

Thanks for pointing this out. We do assume that the document store will be backed up independently from the RDF index. This can be done by backing up the document store directly (as specified by the docs.path database option) or using the S3 storage backend and tuning the durability and availability as required. I will update the docs to be explicit about this.


Thanks Jess. (Also thanks for mentioning the S3 backend, which I didn’t even know about!)