Questions on Server and Database Backups

Can Server and Database backups be done with the database(s) online? Any restrictions on workloads and transactions while this operation is on the way?
And, the same questions goes for the Restore. Server Restore says it requires a restart of Stardog. Does the database restore, too?
I guess, the logical backup (RDF dump) doesn't include database configurations, like for example, the namespaces, among other things? Could you exemplify?
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I don't believe that there are any restrictions. The backup is done in a transaction so just that there is the additional load on the server of doing the transaction. Any updates after the backup is started will not be included in the backup

Database restores can be done while stardog is online

That's correct. A logical backup would simply be an export of all the triples/quads contained in the database. It doesn't include anything specific to Stardog making it the most portable if you were moving the data to some system other than Stardog.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply.

Quick clarification on the database backups. A database backup will not include any updates made after the backup is started nor will it include any updates that have been started but have not been committed.

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