Recover a Stardog Server and Database

Would the following work?
Copy the Stardog home directory to another server and start Stardog Server there?
If I have an S3 that is replicated to another site automatically, could I use this as a recovery option?

I suppose if you shutdown Stardog before copying it would technically work but it wouldn't be recommended. Stardog includes mechanisms to do exactly that. The information is located in two sections of the docs Backup and Restore | Stardog Documentation 7.6.0 and Server Configuration | Stardog Documentation 7.6.0

Database backup natively supports s3 as a destination. Server backup uses an external tool to periodically sync with clone being the recommended tool.

Are you looking to do something specific or are you just getting to know the backup options available in Stardog?

Hi Zachary,
I'm just exploring the options for now.
Thanks again.

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