SHACL messed up in studio

It looks to be some confusion between the "Constraints" and "Text editor" tab but also with the constraint rendering.

  1. The constraints written and saved in SHACL in the "Constraints" are rendered in the "Text editor" but with the wrong syntax, making changes impossible until they are manually corrected.

  2. If corrected here, they reappear in the "Constraints" tab with wrong syntax

Is there any solution or workaround?

Hi Zoltán,

Indeed it looks like Studio does a bit of higher-level parsing for SHACL than just RDF and doesn't expect stuff like object lists in there. We created an internal ticket VET-1438 and will look into it. We'll let you know if there're workaround (other than editing and loading via CLI, of course, which is always a possibility).

Thanks for the report,