SMS hash algorithm?

Hi Stardog,

What algorithm is used for hashing in SMS? We are developing some code lists outside of stardog that we need to link to the hashed values created in the SMS conversion process. I
need both to match. :slight_smile:



Hi Tim,
Are you talking about the UUID function we discussed in the other post?

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I’m talking about creation of the hashes based on values being mapped from source data, in this example birth date and deathdate in SMS mapping:

foo:Lifespan_{#birthdate}_{#deathdate} ;

I want my colleague’s value for each foo:Lifespan_###_### IRI to match mine as we try to line up our data and code lists. They are working independently so I’d like them to use a hash generator (like here ) to generate the same hash values that are concatenated into their IRI creation.

Make sense? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the context. We’re using a SHA-1 hash over a UTF-8 encoded string represented in base 32 encoding with padding omitted. However, I would like consider this an implementation detail. Is this something you plan to depend on in your production deployment?


Thanks for the details. It is not for production, just for some early design phase work.

Much appreciated.


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