SMS: Line number in error messages

Hi folks,

It would be very helpful to have the line number in error messages from SMS mapping files be the actual line number in the source file.

I have a comment header and various comment lines sprinkled throughout my mapping file “DM_mappings.TTL” On line 60 I accidentally placed a semicolon after a subject IRI (what can I say? It’s a Friday afternoon…).

When I run this command:
stardog-admin virtual import myDB DM_mappings.TTL DM_subset.csv

The error message tells me:
Expected an RDF value here, found ‘;’ [line 41]

but of course the error is on line 60, not 41.

In this example it is pretty obvious. For others, finding the cause is more difficult.

Thanks for listening.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for submitting the issue. I’ve reproduced it on my side and created issue #5019.

Best regards,
Paul Jackson

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