Sparql select doesn't bring any data after json-ld data load

I have successfully "data add" a json-ld file. I see db size in studio show 1k. When I query it bring zero rows back. JSON-LD file is full of SKOS triples. Strange the manual says:

Stardog provides two built-in database archetypes out-of-the-box: PROV and SKOS.

  • Do I need to set up database archetype ?... but I forgot what exactly I need to do.

The JSON-LD is an export from another tool.


It's more likely that the query simply doesn't match the data. If you cannot share the data, please share the query and the query plan.


select * where{?s ?p ?o}

when I do a stardog namespace list Test2 here is what I get:
| Prefix | Namespace |
| | |
| owl | |
| rdf | |
| rdfs | |
| stardog | tag:stardog:api: |
| xsd | |

Where is SKOS and PROV?

I am running Stardog v.7.0.3


select * from <tag:stardog:api:context:all> { ?s ?p ?o }

Yes - that brings tons of data! Thanks

P.S. The above query is not that portable :wink:

What would be the equivalent delete all statement?

Correct, but select * { graph ?g { ?s ?p ?o } } is.

The point is that if you load data in named graphs, you should also query named graphs (and not the default graph).


clear all


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