Spatial Precision increments

Can you tell me what the other values of spatial.precision give in terms of actual precision? All I can find is the details for the default and 8, but no other details about how other increments of that value will yield.

The default value is 11 which yields sub-meter precision; a value of 8 will give a precision +/- 50m.



This is a geohash level, you can see a good example table here with some explanations on it:

If you're looking at trying out Stardog's geospatial support, I highly recommend this primer:


Thanks! So this would be the corresponding precisions (from the page you linked)

n width --- height
1 ≤ 5,000km × 5,000km
2 ≤ 1,250km × 625km
3 ≤ 156km × 156km
4 ≤ 39.1km × 19.5km
5 ≤ 4.89km × 4.89km
6 ≤ 1.22km × 0.61km
7 ≤ 153m × 153m
8 ≤ 38.2m × 19.1m
9 ≤ 4.77m × 4.77m
10 ≤ 1.19m × 0.596m
11 ≤ 149mm × 149mm
12 ≤ 37.2mm × 18.6mm

I'm already comfortable with geosparql, though I'll probably be back with some performance related questions around making sure I get the query plans as efficient as possible

thanks again!

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