Stardog 5.2.3 Release discussion

Congratulations on the new release. For anyone curious about what’s new, like me, let me share.

Specify named graphs in db create command (#1796)

See the man page for db create and data add

It looks like you can specify named graphs when loading data on db creation. While I was looking up that feature I also noticed that Stardog now supports Kerberos. I don’t remember ever seeing that in the release notes but for anyone else who might have missed it it’s there. (EDIT: First item in 5.2.2 doh!)

Shout out to @wouter who had asked about that feature.

Add validation for invalid predicates (#4958)

I’m not quite sure what an “invalid predicate” is.

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Indeed I asked about it, thanks!

Hi Zach,

The description for #4958 could have been a bit more detailed. :slight_smile: It’s specifically referring to predicates in our services such as machine learning and entity extraction. The service block looks like this in general:

service <...> {
  [] :arg ?val ;

The arg predicate here is what is referred to in the issue. We previously allowed unrecognized predicates in the service block but ignored them. The change is that now an error will be returned instead.


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