Stardog 5 beta: Safe to delete .spilling?


I’m seeing the following in my logs:

WARN  2017-05-18 18:16:02,972 [main] com.complexible.stardog.Environment:createSpillingDir(126): Spilling directory /home/stardog/data/.spilling exists and is not empty. Using temporary directory /tmp/1495124162957-0

Is it safe to delete .spilling as long as Stardog isn’t running?


It is safe to delete. Spilling is purely temporary data used during query evaluation. Did your Stardog instance crash? It should be cleaned up upon shutdown.


Yeah, OOM killed it. Not Stardog’s fault, I was just running too much at the same time on a digital ocean server without swap.

Ok, thanks. That’s good to know. We can improve the error message indicating that it’s safe to delete. The risk of doing it automatically is deleting something of value if the spilling directory is misconfigured.


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