Stardog as sensor data store


I’m working on an application that receives sensor data from a lot of IoT devices. We transform the incoming data into RDF using SSN (Sensor Network Ontology) as upper ontology. I was wondering whether Stardog is a good choice to store this kind of data with regards to query performance, scalability…
Some say that I should look to Cassandra for this kind of data.

Thanks for your thoughts,
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Hi Johan,

Stardog is suitable for such an application but a lot depends on details of your use case (write intensity, queries, etc.). In general it’s probably only possible to suggest that you might want to batch your writes externally since larger transactions typically lead to better throughput.

Also, keep in mind that it’s always possible to store the data in a relational system but query it with SPARQL using the SSN vocabulary via Virtual Graphs.



Thanks for the swift answer! Does Stardog plans to support MongoDB or Cassandra as the DB behind the virtual graphs?
If I understand it correctly virtual graphs are an alternative for D2RQ?


We will extend the set of supported data sources but there’s no specific target date on the roadmap yet. Key-Value stores, e.g. Cassandra, are of particular interest. Virtual Graphs are similar to D2RQ (but uses R2RML internally for mappings to relational data sources) and not (conceptually) limited to relational data sources.


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