Stardog Explorer - Add list data view, not only download Instance/relationship data

I lack functionality in the Explorer. To be able to switch between graph and list view of the same data. We can only see detail of one object.
Today only download of instance data or relationship data is available. This should be to open, e.g., the lower part of the screen with data in the view, and let us users select how much of the screen is with graph view and list view. This will improve the usability considerable. Stardog has the component needed in Studio, surface it in Explorer, as well. Is there any thing like this in your roadmap?
Thanks. Einar.

Hi Einar,

Thank you for this feedback. Could you help us understand what you want to achieve by having all graph and list view data be the same? What about the list view would make having all instances shown in the graph view a better experience for you?

Currently, the List view contains all text search results data and the first class type results when Query Builder queries are run.


The need to look at details for two or more nodes - at the same time. I do not have photographic memory, only a few people have. To see details across nodes require many manual actions, it is about drilldown across nodes. In Explorer mark a node right click open details, take a snapshot/copy, place it some place, close detail view, select the other node, right click, open detail view, then you can see details on two nodes together, if more nodes you repeat the steps for each node, almost the same in list view. Through download option, choose one file with select the type, open it in tool you use, then once more with the other file.
Such methods are cumbersome. You have multi node select. Than can be use for show details of the nodes selected, it would be nice. With multi select you can also create query into the query builder, in stead of manually selecting the same nodes once more in the query builder.
These variants make usability much better.
Thanks, Einar.