Stardog hardware

I don't think I've seen much discussion about Stardog and hardware but I was just reading an article on some new hardware from Intel and couldn't help thinking about Stardog. Back in March 2011 when Stardog was just getting started there was this presentation

from the presentation...

"About 256GB for ~2B triples in main memory mode. i.e. a $20k Dell box"
"When in doubt add more ram"

I thought back to that statement as I was reading about the new Intel Optane hardware.

It's approx $1500 for 375GB of just slightly lower performance than DRAM and it sounds like it would be an excellent choice for running Stardog on. It's just come out so hopefully capacities will be going up and prices down. It's amazing that in 6 years we may have gone from a $20k Dell box to maybe a $2k Dell box + $1.5k card.

If anyone gets a chance to try it on that hardware I'd love to hear how it performs or else maybe Santa Clause will have to get me one this Christmas :wink:

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