Stardog requires restart to use services.sdpass

I was going to be reporting that Stardog wasn't using the services.sdpass file but I thought to try restarting Stardog and it started working so I guess this is just more informational that Stardog requires a restart to pickup the services.sdpass file.

also there is a slight typo in the docs at under properties file it gives localhost:*:dept:dept:MySqlUserName:MyPassword as an example with 6 element rather than 5. It looks like dept is accidentally in there twice.

Thanks I'll fix the docs and look at this. Are you seeing this when looking up virtual graph or Stardog credentials?

It was virtual graph credentials. Stardog was running, added the servies.passwd file, went to add the virtual graph with stardog-admin virtual add.... with a properties file with no credentials and it failed because of an incorrect password. After restarting Stardog I could add the virtual graph just fine.

I didn't test it with a sparql service query. I can only guess that it would be similar.

Stardog 7.0.1

So services.sdpass did not exist when you started the server?

That's correct. I wasn't sure if that's the way it's supposed to work but I thought I'd mention it anyway just in case someone else was scratching their head wondering why it wasn't working.

Thanks for the details. I've opened issue #7901 for this.

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