Stopping DB resulted in confused state

I stopped the DB from the UI. It didn’t act like it took the command.
From the console I ran db status and see:

Database             : adp-stage
Status               : Online
Size                 : 318151430 triples
Queries              : None running
Cannot open connections. The database is not online.

Version is:

Stardog Version : 5.1-SNAPSHOT-20171003

Yes, the messages here are confusing. But there is an internal state for databases (Online->GoingOffline->Offline) during which no new connections are accepted but database is not officially offline as we wait for the existing connections/transactions to finish.

By default the waiting time is 3min during which you’d see output like this. In the CLI --timeout argument can be used to change the default waiting time but there is no such option in the webconsole. If there are still open connections/transactions after the waiting time they will be forcibly closed/rolled back. After that the status output should change to Offline.

We have a long-standing ticket (#918) to expose the internal database state in the status output. We’ll take a look at this again.


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