What happens when db create : Connection timed out?

I’m trying to load a bunch of data during db create using the following command.


./bin/stardog-admin --server http://stardog.internal db create -n loadttl --copy-server-side – dataset*.ttl

Connection timed out

The number of files I am loading is 1000 and each one is about 5 mb.

Will it continue processing?
Do I need to start over?

> ./bin/stardog-admin db list

No databases in the system; use the ‘create’ command to make a new database.

cluster status reports


Node: 1
Memory Heap : 462M (Allocated: 15G Max: 15G)
Memory Non-Heap : 80M (Allocated: 83M Max: 12G)

Node: 2
Memory Heap : 531M (Allocated: 15G Max: 15G)
Memory Non-Heap : 77M (Allocated: 80M Max: 12G)

Node: 3
Memory Heap : 445M (Allocated: 15G Max: 15G)
Memory Non-Heap : 81M (Allocated: 83M Max: 12G)



Are there any other messages or stacktraces in the server’s stardog.log file? If you execute just a stardog-admin db create -n loadttl with no files does it create an empty database, or does it tell you there’s already something there?

I can’t do the create -n loadttl anymore. I ended up wiping the servers and trying again from the server instead of from a client machine in hopes to avoid the Connection timed out issue.

It does get a lot further when the connection is local.

I’ll have to try to reproduce it again and get good logs.

For future reference, if the client times out during db create loading would still continue on the server. There isn’t a way to see the loading progress on the client side at this point (we are working on that). Doing tail -f $STARDOG_HOME/stardog.log on the server machine would show the progress on the server.


Ok, thanks for the info!

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