Create db statement not working

Hi ,

I am using the latest Stardog 5.0-beta and I try to run the following command.

stardog-admin db create -n survey

it says succesfully created database ‘survey’

but when I go localhost:5820 no database is created there.

Kindly provide your valuable feedback and help.

Kind Regards,
Yashpal Singh

Is there anything noteworthy in stardog.log? What is the result of running the following

> stardog-admin db list

it shows database survey as below in log, but still not on GUI


Can you load and query data from the CLI?

> stardog data add survey myData.ttl

> stardog data export survey

I just wanted to confirm that it’s only the webconsole that is the problem. What browser and OS are you running?

If you are using Chrome, try clearing your cache. We’ve found that Chrome caches things very aggressively. Also if you pull up the javascript console, do you see any errors displayed?

thanks a million it resolved the Issue.:slight_smile:


Now I am facing another issue after adding namespaces and data to databases, when I click on GUI for query tab I get a page which following value. which are data that I inserted not the query tab.

@prefix : . @prefix owl: . @prefix pii: . @prefix rdf: . @prefix rdfs: . @prefix stardog: . @prefix survey: . @prefix xsd: . a owl:Ontology . survey:assessment a owl:ObjectProperty ; rdfs:range survey:AssessmentRule ; rdfs:domain survey:QuestionGroup . survey:AssessmentRule a owl:Class . survey:QuestionGroup a owl:Class .

Kind Regards,
Yashpal Singh

This is the same issue reported in Stardog 5 beta issue