Studio visualization performance

Hello all

We are trialing Stardog as a possible replacement for rdf4j. I've just installed Studio 1.15.0 and imported our fairly substantial database of size 2M statements on Windows 10 Enterprise.

Studio is very nice, however I'm having performance problems with even one visualization open with modest results size, say 500 nodes and edges.

Navigating the visualization without 'performance mode' is slow and clumsy. UI freezes also occur when simultaneously editing a query with the default visualization. It's annoying that the full visualization loads by default which causes a performance problem - is it possible to set performance mode on by default?

My machine is an i7-8650 2.1GHz with 16GB RAM and no other applications are resource heavy. For some reason two instances of Stardog show in the task manager even though I only have once open.

Is there any other way to improve visualization performance?

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