Subproperties of owl:AnnotationProperty

Hi! I'm having some issue with the usage of subproperties of owl:AnnotationProperty during querying with reasoning. Assume I have the following ABox and TBox:

inst:door1 ex:propA-1 10 .
ex:propA-1 a owl:AnnotationProperty ; rdfs:subPropertyOf ex:propA .
ex:propA a owl:AnnotationProperty .

correctly infers (besides other triples):
inst:door1 ex:propA 10 .

The following query (with reasoning active) does not return any results, while it does if reasoning is turned off:

     ex:propA-1 rdfs:subPropertyOf ?superProp

If ex:propA-1 and ex:propA are owl:DatatypeProperty instead, the issue does not exist. I did some tests with different reasoning profiles (SL, DL and RDFS) without any luck.

I'm using Stardog 7.2.0

A potential related issue: Strange effects querying OWL property with reasoning enabled