Support field modifiers on Search Syntax

Hello everyone,

I started using Stardog database, and from what I read in the documentation you have your own search engine, that allows to easily search for content stored in the database. Also, from what I read in the docs, you don’t support the search only on specific fields, right?

What I want to do is a query to look for titles and do a prefix match. For example, having in the database the following books:

“My Book A”
“My Book B”
“Your Book C”

If the user inserts “M” as input, it would retrieve:

“My Book A”
“My Book B”

Are you going to support the fields modifiers in search? Is there any alternative/way to change your default scoring algorithm to look only at certain fields?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Gonçalo,

You can freely join this with other triple patterns in a SPARQL query. Here are two different examples showing how the search would work with two different “fields”:

?b a :Book ; :title ?title .
?title <tag:stardog:api:property:textMatch> 'M*'

Here’s the same thing with genre instead of title.

?b a :Book ; :genre ?genre .
?genre <tag:stardog:api:property:textMatch> 'M*'

Hope this helps.