Text-based search interface returns empty response for specific hits

The response body is really empty, as opposed to a JSON response indicating that there are no search results.
As a side effect, the web UI throws a TypeError, as it expected a valid response, such as {"term":"blah","results":[]}.

The hits (should) exist, but they contain accented characters (e.g. õáè).


Can you try using the command line? What kind of behaviour are you seeing there?
Is there any error in stardog.log?


This is Stardog Community 5.0.1.

Hi Pedro,

The following both work, for a literal with funky characters (e.g. “Blah Blõáèh”):

./stardog query search -q “Blah” meta

SELECT DISTINCT ?s ?p ?l ?score
?s ?p ?l.
(?l ?score) tag:stardog:api:property:textMatch (‘Blah’ 100).

There is no trace in the logs when the search fails.

It’s the other search interface /annex/[db]/search, which fails as described.


Hi Dann,

I can’t replicate this behaviour. Can you try updating to the latest version of Stardog ( If the problem still persists, can you share some data and queries so I can try to replicate the problem locally?


Hi Pedro,

Sorry for the delay: I just upgraded to 5.1.0 and the issue is gone.


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