Trigger Re-Indexing

Hi all,

we swapped the lucene standard analyzer for the white-space analyzer.

However, it appears that only freshly inserted data is correctly indexed.

Is there a safe way to trigger a reindexing?

(Stardog 6.2.3, with semantic search on)

Yes, in Stardog 6 you can simply do stardog-admin db optimize <db name>. In Stardog 7 you'd need to disable and re-enable the search.enabled option (that'd require offlining/onlining the database).


tried optimize using stardog studio and enabling/disabling search, but this did not change the results.
I am currently running a db repair. Maybe i was not patient enough.

This is strange. In Stardog 6 db optimize on a database with search.enabled=true must print re-indexing progress report to stardog.log (if it takes >5s). Is there anything in the log?

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