Stardog 4.2.4 - Text indexation - forcing update


We do have a DB with search enabled and “Search reindex mode” set to “sync”.

It happened that the search index was no more correct (maybe due to a cluster node crash), and I would like to know if there exist a CLI command to force a refresh of the text index ?

For information: In our case, after uploading a new big dataset, it seems the full index was refreshed (older dataset, not concerned by that new upload, where back to normal and available for SPARQL full-text search)

Thank you


Setting search.reindex.mode to sync causes it to update concurrently with a database write. If it is not updating to your liking, you can set that option to a valid cron expression to update it on a schedule.

Thank you Stephen,

and so, there is no specific command to force a reindexing from the CLI I guess.


Executing stardog-admin db optimize myDB will reindex the text along with some other things; e.g. reindex geospatial data (if enabled), merge differential index, recompute statistics.


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