Trouble with Jena and Maven


I developed a software (using spring for server integration) translating datas into semantic with Jena and pushing it on Stardog.

But i have a trouble i can’t use jenaStardog api, but i can use stardog api.

I use Maven with that :

  • groupId : com.complexible.stardog
  •   artifactId : client-http
  •   version : 5.2.3
  •   type : pom

But when i want to add that i have an error :

  •   groupId : com.complexible.stardog.jena
  •   artifactId : jena
  •   version : 5.2.3
  •   type : jar

Does someone can help me ?
Thanks for reading


The artifact name for the Jena connector is stardog-jena, whereas you simply have jena. Everything else you pasted from your pom looks good though.

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Thanks Importation works but my program now doesnt now because of these import
something about jena : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/jena/riot/lang/ReaderRIOTRDFXML

Stardog ships with support for Jena 3.2.0. It appears that this specific class was added in 3.3.0. You could try to force maven to use a more recent version, or use a different implementation of ReaderRIOT in your jena code. We will work on updating to the latest jena in a future release.

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Thanks now it seems to work perfectly

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