Use jena, Stardog imports

Hi Team,

I want to use jena and when i follow your example on GitHub my NetBeans displays that these imports don’t exist:
import com.complexible.stardog.jena.SDJenaFactory;
import com.complexible.stardog.protocols.snarl.SNARLProtocolConstants;

The problem is that I´m sure to use every jar files wich are in your stardog-5.2.3 folder (I’ve searched in every folders and I’ve added all jar files several times to be sure).

I hope that you can help me.

You will need to import the com.complexible.stardog.jena:stardog-5.2.3 jar from our public Maven repository.

Thank you very much !

I have the same troubles. @Tanguy what did you write in your pom.xml (maven) for import stardogjena and stardog client


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