Update to Enterprise and Community trials

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In case you missed our email announcements, below are details on changes to our trial options which are going live March 31, 2019. We’ve listened to your feedback and thought a lot about how to facilitate the ideal user experience for Stardog’s knowledge graph platform. We’re updating our trial offerings to give all users access to our full set of capabilities — to allow you to easily connect data through virtualization, uncover new insights with our embedded machine learning, and unify unstructured data with our processing engine.

To ensure all users have the best Stardog experience, we’re only going to offer the full-functionality “Enterprise” version of our software and no longer offer our limited-functionality "Community version after March 31, 2019. As of April 1, we’ll no longer be calling our trial the “Enterprise” trial, it will simply be our Stardog trial.

We’re excited for you to enjoy the comprehensive benefits of Stardog as you test and explore our knowledge graph platform. If you have any other questions or comments about our free trial changes, read the announcement and FAQ below or chime in with questions - we’re here to help.

Here’s the full set of updates:

Stardog Trial Now Lasts 60 Days

We extended our Stardog trial to last 60 days, double the prior trial period. Check out our Release Notes for details on our monthly releases.

Availability of Stardog's "Community" Version Ends March 31, 2019

At the start of 2019, we announced plans to end availability of our "Community" version as the limited functionality resulted in a suboptimal experience for users. (The "Community" version did not support virtual graph capabilities, embedded machine learning, high availability cluster, geospatial data, unstructured content processing engine, or unlimited data.) After March 31, 2019, you will only be able to download the full-functionality trial of our software.

Academic Trial - Now Available

Based on your feedback, we created an option designed specifically for current students, instructors, and staff at accredited academic institutions. Download a one-year academic trial for the purposes of teaching, coursework, and/or non-commercial academic research.

Stardog Sandbox - Now Available

If you prefer not to download any software, try out our hosted learning environment, Stardog Sandbox, which has pre-built datasets and sample SPARQL queries. Our Sandbox requires no installation, setup, or configuration. Create your own Sandbox here.


Is there a limit to how many times I can download the 60-day trial?

No, you are welcome to download as many times as you would like while you are exploring and testing our software. When you are ready to purchase a Commercial license, you can contact us.

How does the functionality of the trial compare to the Commercial license?

The main difference between the trial and the Commercial license is (obviously!) that the Commercial license supports commercial production; but it also comes with Enterprise-grade Support. All users have the same experience featuring our virtual graph capabilities, embedded machine learning, high availability cluster, unstructured content processing engine, unlimited data, and more.

I’m in academia. How do I access the one-year Stardog trial?

You’ll need is a valid school email address from an accredited academic institution to get started - we’ll share the form to download the academic trial as soon as it’s ready! It’s designed for students, instructors, and staff for the purposes of teaching, coursework, and/or non-commercial academic research.

I want to continue using the "Community" version but I am not part of an academic institution. What should I do?

If you’ve already downloaded the "Community" version, you will have indefinite access to the version you downloaded. However, the "Community" version was not fully-featured and will no longer receive updates, so we recommend migrating to the 60-day trial — we think you’ll like the additional functionality. If you do not qualify for the academic trial and you do not feel that the new 60-day trial fits your needs, please contact us and let us know why.

Is there documentation for the Stardog Sandbox?

Yes, please find our documentation here. As always, our documentation will be updated as we add more functionality to the Stardog Sandbox.

I’m a current Enterprise customer, do any of these changes affect me?

No, they do not. Business as usual! Keep referencing our Release Notes for updates. You can always reach out to your Customer Success rep if there are features that you’d like to learn more about.

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