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I went to install the latest stardog (7.0.1) and it told me that the license was for 7.0.0 and I needed a new license (academic). I figured it would be good for one year for whatever was the current version but no biggie, I figured I'd just register for a new license. The new website looks great by the way but I can't find anywhere where I'd request a new license. I looked here

Strange, the link has been changed somehow and is wrong now I guess. Last week I was forwarded to the license formular.

Looks like the whole Stardog web appearance is redesigned currently, so links might have been broken and will be fixed soon.

That's what I figured and was giving the Stardog folks and anyone planning on upgrading a heads up.


We redid the way that license keys are made and acquired with the redesign. The easiest way to upgrade your license now would probably be the stardog-admin license request --force command

I run the command but only got the option to receive a 60 day license. The page just explains how to download the Stardog software.

I'm still wondering how to apply for the 1 year academic license now?

2 weeks ago, the link lead to a form where I had to put, among others, a valid university email into a form - but now it leads to 404 because of the (nice) redesign.

There also doesn't appear to be any way to directly apply for the 60 day trial license from the web site unless the 60 day licence is bundled with the distribution. (I didn't expect it would be but I didn't check. I suppose that would only be surprising to someone used to the old way of registering and being emailed links to the distribution and license)

If I'm not mistaken I see a small update on the page so perhaps someone is working on this as we speak :wink: I think it used to say "Stardog binaries are now located at ./stardog-/bin" but now the was added after .../stardog-. I was going to mention it but wasn't sure if that was intentional or not.

If you enter a valid academic email it will download a 1-year trial instead of the 60-day. Perhaps we could/should make that more clear

I had no idea that was the case. It's a nice easy solution. So the CLI is the primary way to request licenses from now on? If it is the "quick start" guide should probably be updated and you might also want to add a line under

# Stardog binaries are now located at ./stardog-<version>/bin


./stardog-<version>/bin/stardog-admin license request ...

As I mentioned I'm not sure how confusing it would be for a new user or how much it comes from it being different from the old way I'm used to.

It is one way, yes, though when a new user starts up Stardog for the first time and doesn't have a license this process will automatically be called for them.

The aim was for a new trial user to be able to get a license and a server up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

That's awesome. I'm just trying to provide some outside feedback to help make your new flow as smooth as possible. I've always appreciated the attention to detail that you show your product.

I noticed that the stardog-admin help register page still lists enterprise and community as license types

 --type <type>
    The type of license [ enterprise | community ].

I suppose that should now be enterprise and academic. I'm not sure what requesting a community license would do now or if it's just the help page that hasn't been updated. Now that I think about it I guess this flag is obsolete since enterprise/academic is auto selected based on email address.

I also don't see the '--force' flag on the help page.

I also don't see an option for stardog-admin license request but only stardog-admin license {info | register}

register changed to request in 7.0.1:

✔ stephen: ➭ /opt/stardog-7.0.1/bin/stardog-admin help license
        stardog-admin license - License commands

        stardog-admin license { info | request } [--] [cmd-options] <cmd-args>

        Where command-specific options [cmd-options] are:
            request: [ --output <output> ] [ --quiet ] [ --force ] [ --stardog-home <STARDOG_HOME> ]

....and for anyone following along. I like the new system you've setup. It's nice. One thing that wasn't immediately apparent, after running stardog-admin license request you will no longer receive an email containing a link that you need to download and put in your STARDOG_HOME it will simply download the licence file and put it there as part of the request, easy-peasy.

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