Stardog licence for specific versions

I have developed a small proof of concept/application that will be used by a few research institutions. I can pack everything there and just send them the files they need to run. This includes Stardog Community (free). However, I am not sure if “legally” each institution should have their own Stardog licence. If that is the case, can you please tell me how they can download a licence for a specific Stardog version (f.ex. the old 4.0.2)?

Aside note: With the changes on the Website, it is not so clear which is the latest version to download (I think one has to go to the documentation to find out).


Just curious, can you share what your small proof of concept/application is or does? There isn’t any way to request a specific version from the website and I think that the Stardog folks would have to provide that for you if they are willing and able to do that. Is there any particular reason why you’re tied to an old version? The API has been very stable and should only require minor modifications if any to work with a recent version. If you were able to post your app somewhere like GitHub someone might be able to help you out with that :wink:


Thanks for pointing out the lack of version information on the site; I’ll see what there is to be done about that.

As far as the Community licenses, we do not allow others to redistribute our licenses. Every institution would need to download their own license. We also do not provide access to older versions of Stardog to non-customers.

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