Getting a license

Hey everyone,

I want to run Stardog locally for a research project. I hoped there was an easy way to get a free license but I haven't found it yet. The website tells me it's easy to get a license by clicking the free tier, however, all that does is redirect me to Stardog-cloud, which I can't get a license from. I can host an endpoint from there, but I want to only host an endpoint locally. Could anyone help me?

Kind regards,
Ruben Eschauzier.

Hi Ruben,

Stardog Cloud's free tier includes the knowledge graph endpoint (with the free tier limitations). You can administer it and use like you would a local endpoint on your machine. It's all secure with SOC 2 Type 2 processes around information assurance and security. Once you grow out of the free tier, Stardog Essentials is available which has higher data volume limits.

If you have a funded research project that would like to purchase a license, then we can put you in touch with an account executive to discuss on the on prem licensing.