Evaluation license expired

I am getting this error:

  • Your Stardog evaluation period has expired. Please visit http://stardog.com for information on obtaining a new license.

How can I do that?


What version Stardog are you running?

version 6.1 on on windows instance and v.7.0.3 on linux

Which one are you trying to renew the license for? If it’s 7.0.3 you can use

Stardog-admin license request —force

Or something like that. The command might now be exactly correct ( I’m on my phone)


For v6.1 I have issued this command:

stardog-admin license register

It prompted me for email, etc. info. And at the end it asked me for:

Would you like a community license or enterprise (C/e): e

Not sure if I need to wait for an email to come to my inbox or not.

I thought they had added the cli based registration in 7 but I could be wrong. You'd have to get someone from Stardog to give you an official answer but I don't think they supply new licenses for old versions of Stardog and you'll need to upgrade to the latest version to get a new license.


Since you have a 7.x client, probably the easiest thing to do would be to use version 7 to run stardog-admin license request --output /path/to/somewhere/stardog-license-key.bin. This will download a new trial license directly to the location you specify that should be valid for all versions, including 6. You can then just move that license over to the windows machine.

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