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My existing and customised Stardog 7.2.0 docker container stopped working with the following message:
Your Stardog license has expired. To request a new license, please reach out to support@stardog.com
How can i get a new license? To fix it, i guess i just need to override the existing one inside the container, right?
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You can request a new license by adding the --force flag to the stardog-admin license request command.

Hi, sorry but i'm new to docker. The container starts and stops a couple of seconds later, with the license error. Is the command above to be included in the docker run command?

You need to supply an entrypoint to the docker container to run the command

docker run -v /your/home:/var/opt/stardog -p 5820:5820 --entrypoint /opt/stardog/bin/stardog-admin stardog/stardog license request --force

Hi, thanks for the detailed instructions.

The last time i ran the container successfully (before the license expired), i used the following command:
docker run -it -p 5820:5820 -e STARDOG_EXT=/opt/stardog/ext -e STARDOG_HOME=/var/opt/stardog --name stardog7.2.0 mbarbieri77/stardog:latest

I have amended it to include the entrypoint:
docker run -it -p 5820:5820 -e STARDOG_EXT=/opt/stardog/ext -e STARDOG_HOME=/var/opt/stardog --name stardog7.2.0 --entrypoint /opt/stardog/bin/stardog-admin mbarbieri77/stardog:latest license request --force

When I run it, it prompts to confirm the 60-day trial license. I choose yes, and it asks for my email, and then progresses and completes successfully, showing the image of the blue dog :wink:

The container is now running, but i cannot connect from Studio, which throws an error message saying to check if the server is running or the endpoint is correct.

When I checked the docker container log, the following message appears:
A valid license was not found in /var/opt/stardog.

I checked the folder, and there seems to be a new license file in there:
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1096 May 25 20:32 stardog-license-key.bin

I tried to stop and start the container again, and got the following in the log:
Would you like to download a trial license from Stardog (y/N)? Thank you for downloading Stardog.
A valid license was not found in /var/opt/stardog.

I'm just wondering if there is an error in the way I amended the docker run command to include the endpoint.

Thanks again.

My best guess is that you're not running the image version that you think you are and you've pulled a 7.3.0 license but are trying to run it with an older version like 7.2.0. (which I'm guessing because that's what you named your container)

I'm not positive but I don't think you can run old versions with newer licenses.

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You were right! Old version with newer license, doesn't work. I was able to run version 7.3 fine. Thanks again.

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