Evaluation License for 7.3.4 Failing


As some of you may know, I use Stardog on my side project to do querying of graph data. In the past, I have had no problem getting evaluation licenses using my gmail address. However, as I decided to upgrade from 7.3.2 to 7.3.4 as I had a query that used to work time out on me, I downloaded the latest version and I went through the usual license key process but it is now refusing to issue a new license. The prompt says Please provide a valid business email address: so I assume that my gmail address is the problem? I do not wish to involve my employer in this project as it is purely personal and academic (involving the genealogies of medieval Ireland). I will continue to use Stardog 7.3.2 until that license times out but it would be nice if I could continue as I have done for the past few years using Stardog.

Just for completeness, this is the error that I am recieving:

Contacting license server..
Unable to process license request.


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