Email address rejected as 'disposable' when getting trial license

I downloaded the latest version of Stardog with the intention of getting an academic trial license. When asked for my email address, I entered, but this was rejected:

Please provide an email address to receive a 60-day trial (we may occasionally contact you with fun
Stardog news):
Requesting license.................
Unable to process license request, as email provided is disposable.
Please provide a business email address: ...

I was able to get the one-year academic license using an alternate email address I have with our department mail server, but am puzzled how my main address was identified as disposable. I tried several services for identifying disposable email addresses and all thought my main address was ok.

Hi Tim,

I am equally puzzled, since I ran the email through the service that our license server uses and it came back fine. Must have been a hiccup in their API or something... Glad you were able to sort it though.

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