Upgrade server from v6 to v7 - clarification needed

Documentation says:

Upgrading Stardog Server

The process of installation is pretty simple; see the Quick Start Guide for details.

But how do we easily upgrade between versions? The key is judicious use of STARDOG_HOME . Best practice is to keep installation directories for different versions separate and use a STARDOG_HOME in another location for storing databases.[3] Once you set your STARDOG_HOME environment variable to point to this directory, you can simply stop the old version and start the new version without copying or moving any files. You can also specify the home directory using the --home argument when starting the server.

Shall it rather say "stop the old version unzip the new version , then start the new version"?

Yes, the assumption is that you have unzipped the distribution into its own installation directory.


Thanks for your reply. So I have unzipped the v7 zip in a different location. Now I need to re-do the so many changes like java path, https, etc.

  • What about currentl databases? Do they need to be upgraded?

I hope some else can watch over my shoulder as I don't want to loose any data during migration.

Please let me know.


When performing the STARDOG_HOME migration, the old home folder remains where it is; you'll end up with a Stardog 7 home folder.

Not sure if you've seen https://www.stardog.com/docs/#_migrating_to_stardog_7, but that has a good step-by-step of how to perform the upgrade.