Using x-turtle data in the transaction update API (http)

I’ve been testing transaction-based HTTP apis. The problem I see: triples added in a transaction via Turtle format data are not handled properly from what I can tell. In particular, TTL data with (legal) @prefix directives at the beginning are not added. Without the @prefix lines, the ttl data is handled correctly.

A test (allow me to ignore the ‘begin’ and ‘commit’ for the time being, though I have had no problem for those):

WORKS AS EXPECTED (-> DATA ADDED to the urn:diffg named graph):

curl -v -XPOST -u admin:admin --data-binary "<urn:six> <my:foo> <urn:seven> ." --header "Content-Type: text/turtle" "http://localhost:5820/MYDB/6f883dd5-5679-4e4d-859f-1491e84655d2/add?graph-uri=urn:diffg"

(application/x-turtle also works as a header)


curl -v -XPOST -u admin:admin --data-binary "@prefix yr: <> . <urn:eight> yr:bar <urn:nine> ." --header "Content-Type: text/turtle" "http://localhost:5820/MYDB/18410195-493c-4fea-8876-00495f8de19d/add?graph-uri=urn:diffg"

BTW, “data added” of course checked after a ‘commit transaction’ call. Is there a problem with parsing the @prefix lines?
This test on Stardog/Community v.

Thank you in advance

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