What would cause a transaction credentials missing error?

I am using version control on a database. I submitted a Turtle file, made some modifications and then tried to re-add it to the db. The commands for the original commit and update were:

./stardog vcs commit --add ~/my-file.ttl -m "original file" dbname
./stardog vcs commit --add ~/my-file.ttl -m "new stuff" dbname

The output for the first commit was:

Adding data from file: ...
Version committed: 4441aac7-2ba0-4b89-b4d0-8ea79b2f18b8

The output for the second was:

Adding data from file: ...
Cannot initiate transaction operation, transaction credentials are missing. 

What would cause this?


Answered my own question ... There was a missing "." Once I fixed that, the new file loaded just fine.

The error message (about transaction credentials) was pretty misleading.


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