(via browser) aws server cannot connect

Hi, everyone. I am a beginner about stardog. I did not download any distributions, but opened stardog Studio directly through the browser. I connected the preset dataset via https://express.stardog.cloud:5820 and it runs well. I set up an aws server through aws marketplace (I got the DNS and password and they are active), then I try reconnecting but it failed! It says " The stardog server is not responding. Please check your server status or endpoint." My aws server URL is: http://stardog-ALB-1KVROTYUHICC1-849231540.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com:5820. Can someone give me help on this issue?

Did you allow inbound traffic on port 5820 in your security group on AWS?

Security group enables port 5820 and 22. EC2 instance connect tool returned "There was a problem connecting to your instance." Then I tried command like "ssh ec2-user@ -i C:\Users\hasee\Desktop\s3url-ec2-access-key-us-virginia.pem." It said "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out." I can't find where the problem is :confounded:

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