Virtual graph from REST / GraphQL api

I know one can create a virtual graph on top of RDBMS as documentation says

  • Can I create a virtual graph for a given REST API or GraphQL API?


We are planning to implement support for virtual graphs on top of REST APIs. It is not supported in Stardog as of version 7.1.2.

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Hi Jess,
that is also my kind of Use-Case, especially when I want to implement a Data as a Service. With including REST and GraphQL APIs stardog would be one of the most powerful tool providers of knowledge graph platforms.

I don't know how you work, but is there any time plan or milestone planning, so I can give my management some feedback on your further time plan?

I would love to hear from you, thank you so much in advance!

Best Regards Thorben

+1 - totally needed - completely agree with Thorben!

I know Jess is on top of this matter - just got to busy with all the important work ... :wink: ... hence a reminder.

If you want me to be testing the new functionality please let me know.